Prepare students to understand concepts

IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science is the best institute for training students to "Understand the Concept" Institute of just "mugging-up" Stronger base means student do better in all future Science exams for Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams like JEE-Mains, JEE Advanced & Medical (AIPMT/MH-CET).

Select High Quality centers with excellent infrastructure

Every IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science center is a state-of-the-art, air-Conditioned and expertly designed to provide the most conductive learning experience.

Personal touch which others can't offer

IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science has always believed that a personalized touch produces better results and thus pays more attention to the academic development of each student.

Team of Expert Professors

IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science has only 6 high-quality centers and hires only the best professors at each branch. Most of our professors have an average experience of more than 15 years teaching their subjects.

Homework, Tutorials, Chapterwise Tests and More...

Every student does home work, but at IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science, students are made to solve weekly tutorials, chapterwise test, MCQs and much more. So they get maximum practice. The concept of chapterwise tests helps a student greatly in revising and mastering each chapter, we take 300 test.

Competitive Spirit that Increases Marks of all Students

Prizes are given to our students who are in our top 3 tests so as to create a healthy competitive environment.

Strictly Attendance Monitoring

Attendance is monitored daily and if student remains absent, it is conveyed to parents though SMS/Call.

Our Famous Preparatory Test Papers

IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science, Test are known to be the most accurate precise papers which allows student to be prefectly prepared. All Board Pattern Final Test and Entrance Exam Pattern Master Papers are conducted in the same atmosphere and style as the actual exam papers.

Lots of Revision

After the portion is completed, Students are made to do as many revision as possible in the class itself which yield better marks.

Special Difficulty Solving Lectures

The most academically gifted students have the most difficulties and thus we arrange extra lectures in which only doubts and difficulties are solved.

Doubt Solving

For any academic related doubts of students, we have doubt solving session. Students can bring their doubts and the same will be solved by our tutors in doubt solving sessions.

Best study Material with Conceptual Questions

The questions in the IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science Notes starts with the easiest and ends with the most difficult. If student can solve all IIT INSPIRE Academy Of Science Questions, he/she can solve any board questions.